Counterpoint is the collaborative practice of Samuel Diggins and Tero Parviainen.




Public art installation blending sounds from San Francisco's local urban and natural environment, with Yuri Suzuki for SFMOMA's Art of Noise.

Ambient Wall

Generative soundscape installation with interactive call-and-response, with Yuri Suzuki for Google.

Sonic Avatars

Algorithmic video interventions for use as improvisational partners in live musical performance, for Libero Mureddu.

A Permanent Nostalgia for Departure

Generative music and visuals for an exhibition reflecting on Zaha Hadid's legacy, with Khyam Allami for Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Centre.

Mini Moog Factory

Web experience celebrating synthesiser pioneer Bob Moog's legacy and the return of the Minimoog Model D, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for Moog Music.


Generative music system and website to accompany blockchain artworks, with Justin Boreta and Aaron Penne for Bright Moments.

Montreal Friend Scale

A series of 500 audiovisual artworks presented in the Art Blocks Curated Collection, with and for Amon Tobin.

Sound of the Earth: Chapter 3

Installation connecting global user-submitted sounds via machine learning, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram/Google Arts & Culture for Triennale Milano 2022

Roland50 Studio

Online versions of iconic instruments for Roland's 50th anniversary, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for Roland.

Daydream (TBA)

Short film with an interactive narrative, for Amy Croft.

Global Sequencer

Digital sequencer utilising user-submitted sounds, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for Hamamatsu Festival/UNESCO.


Generative music system to accompany blockchain artworks, with Justin Boreta and Aaron Penne for Bright Moments. Winner of the Lumen Prize NFT Award 2022.

Sonic Bloom

Generative audiovisual flower garden, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for Grosvenor Estates.

The Visitors

Article interactive revisiting Ragnar Kjartansson's multimedia masterpiece, for Washington Post.

Cabin Fever

24 hour generative visuals for Esmeralda Conde-Ruiz.

Sound Bubbles

Interactive audio prototypes with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for SPACE10.

MUBI Remix

AI-driven video remix app, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for MUBI.


Online versions of iconic instruments, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for Roland and the Design Museum.

Art Gifts

Platform for gifting pandemic festival performances, for Helsinki Festival.

Leimma + Apotome

Generative music environment for microtonal tuning systems, for Khyam Allami and CTM Festival. Winner of the Isao Tomita Special Prize at Ars Electronica 2021.


Generative mushroom typeface with Luke Powell and Jody Hudson-Powell/Pentagram for Somerset House.

Sound Of The Earth: The Pandemic Chapter

Installation accompaniment exploring globally submitted sounds, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for Dallas Museum of Art.

The Welcome Chorus

Interactive installation combining sound, sculpture and AI, with Yuri Suzuki/Pentagram for the Turner Contemporary. Lumen Prize 2021 shortlist.

Face the Music

Make music with your face, a holiday card with Yuri Suzuki for Pentagram.

Robot Choir

AI-driven audio installation accompanied by 2,500 choristers with Tytti Arola for Helsinki Festival.

Bit Tripper

Million-character generative typeface and curation tool for YACHT.


Generative music platform for psychedelic therapy.

Digital Electronium

Reviving Raymond Scott's instantaneous performace-composition machine, with Yuri Suzuki for the Barbican.